Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Well, he's part right

This morning, I approached DK, a five-year-old who's not quite as with-it as some of his peers. (He comes from a household that speaks French, which may have something to do with it; I've noticed that growing up with two languages sometimes delays development a bit. But I digress.) I went up to DK, as I say, and I asked him, "What day is today?"

He looked up at me cheerfully, but with utter blank incomprehension in his eyes, so I prompted the /v/ sound for the French word for Wednesday, vendredi: "Vvvvv...."

"Vebruary!" he cried exultantly.

Well, close. Unfortunately, even that small victory was discredited when, later in the afternoon, I asked DK the same question --- "What day is it?" --- except this time it was in front of other parents, and after we had read some valentine's-themed books and I had discussed the holiday during circle time and the class had laboriously exchanged valentines and candy and we were eating pink cupcakes for snack on a tablecloth decorated with hearts. And DK answered just a bit uncertainly, "November?"

Hmm. Sometimes, we sow the seeds on stony ground.

I went home from The Job with a big bag of about ten pounds of chocolate and assorted junk food. And a stuffed animal and a Blockbuster gift card. Score!

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Kurt said...

Gotta love teacher gifts!