Monday, February 05, 2007


Work was a total clusterfuck today. At least two teachers were absent and the morning was chaos. I was alone in the gym with 17 kids until someone showed up. Later, when I called The Boss (who'd come in at ten a.m.) to say that the younger preschool teacher needed help for about half an hour, instead of help or even sympathy, I got an earful of pissy attitude. I swear, if it weren't for the very pretty new afternoon girl with the penchant for bending over deeply to talk to the kids, I wouldn't be happy with The Job at all.


All I want to say about Social Studies is this. Last week, we broke into groups to do a project on the presidents. Someone emailed our group asking for suggestions, and I emailed everyone saying my pick was "FDR." I mentioned his 12-year term, his polio, his policies that combated the Great Depression, and how he oversaw America's participation in world War II. Tonight, a girl in our group accosted me to ask who this "FDR" was.


I am extremely depressed. The pressures of The Job and my failures as a human being are straining me to the breaking point.


NYC Educator said...

All I can tell you is I've been where you are. You learn to deal very quickly with odd situations, and you become intuitive about doing so. Unfortunately, that takes time.

You will pick up little tricks, and find lessons that work well for you, and remember them and work out little variations.

Administrators are not to be depended on, unfortunately. The only one you can count on is yourself. You may find those who break my stereotype, and you can make use of them when and if you do, but that's my rule.

Focus on the kids, and the girl, and forget the administrators are there. In the long run, you'll be stronger and happier, believe it or not.

Chance said...

Thank you for this.

daveawayfromhome said...

My wife's a teacher in DISD. As far as I can tell, bosses there are pretty much like bosses everywhere: if you're lucky, you'll get one that doesnt get in your way too often. She hasnt been lucky the last few years. Still, she loves teaching.

Failure as a human being? George Bush is a failure as a human being. Paris Hilton is a failure as a human being. Terrel Owen is a failure as a human being. That girl who made it to college without knowing who FDR is a good candidate for it. You're a teacher, and you care, so how does that make you a failure?

Avoid the boss, enjoy the deep benders (especially the pretty ones), and explain to that poor dimwit who FDR is before some Dittohead gets to her and ruins her for life.