Monday, February 19, 2007


No work today, but we had a mandatory staff meeting all day. We had the usual meaningless jabber like sessions in which we wrote goals for our classrooms, and long intervals of back-patting. I suppose it's good to focus on the positive and at least try to get everyone on the same professional page, but without administrative support, there's really no point. I'm quite reclusive when I'm not being unnecessarily truculent at work; several of the people there I've never spoken more than five words to before. And there were two others who didn't make it, who I don't believe I've ever even seen.

In the evening, no Social Studies, but our group met up in the State School library in order to hammer out the first rough division of labor for our FDR lesson plan project. I'm going to be focusing on his polio and how that shaped his role as a model for good citizenship as well as what is now known as "cultural diversity."

If this were for an actual fourth grade class, I wonder if I could get away with taping broomsticks to the kids' legs in gym and having them act out activities, as a way to have them get a closer understanding of walking with a brace?

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