Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Big project

Working on a big project. Downtown. That's the key. Like in the song.

Children's Literature was boring, as usual. Ms. L sure is good at talking about nothing for long periods of time. My classmates and I have a joke about the class drinking game: take a shot every time she goes off an a totally unrelated tangent, mentions her grandchildren, etc. If we really did that, we'd die of alcohol poisoning.

The class discussed fantasy for a while, then we broke into groups to talk about how Alan Armstrong's Whittington (a Newbery Honor book, and very impressively written) fits into categories such as historical fiction, realistic fiction, and fantasy.

I'm working hard on my class project (an alphabet book I'm writing and drawing by hand), so no time for lengthy posts. I stopped by The Job today to drop off a letter of recommendation for a student and found out that I apparently (like an ass!) agreed to work 10-6 tomorrow. Ten a.m.! I haven't been getting up until past ten these days. What a lazy piggo. Oh well, it'll be good for me, and a few more bucks in my pocket. The bad part is, I need to get this project finished by tomorrow evening, so must slog. And since I have to get up early-ish tomorrow and work eight hours, I won't be able to lucubrate tonight. So, buckling down... now.

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