Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Otic assault

Worked eight and a half hours in my old room at The Job today. It was fun as hell; I miss those kids. A lot of new faces since last I was there. And languages: in my class alone, we've got a kid who speaks German at home, two who speak French at home, one who speaks Spanish at home, and one who knows a bit of Chinese. Not bad for five year olds.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the day. It's nice to be a substitute. Except for the continuous screaming from the younger kids. No kidding, they scream all the time. happy, upset, bored, whatever --- they screech at the top of their tiny little lungs. Well, really it's only two or three offenders, but they make enough noise for the whole roomful. The adults in there don't have any idea how to manage kids. And my room's exterior wall is only about four feet high with no door. So it gets loud. Urge to kill... Rising...

But mostly it was fun as hell.

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Sarah said...

At least we get to give them back to their parents at the end of the day!!