Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Little boy lost, he takes himself so seriously

Rather uneventful day for now unemployed me.

I finished my Children's Literature project yesterday, and it's due tomorrow! Man, this prompt attention to assignments is really quite unlike me. I feel like I have nothing to do. We've got the final exam on Thursday, but really, am I stressing about that?

I went to Maddening Angel's house after lunch. We watched a show I'd never heard of starring Andy Richter. He plays a CPA who inadvertently and somewhat reluctantly falls into the role of a private investigator. An amusing show, playing with absurdity and a few meta winks at the PI genre. I liked it.

I stopped off at work to pick up my check for the substituting I did the last couple of weeks (it wasn't there). I'd been slated to come in later this week, only to be told that Very Pretty Girl has returned from her Europe trip and was immediately re-hired, so they don't need me any more.

I feel so... unwanted. Well, not really, but it's a bit of slap. I like to think I'm indispensable at work.

Then I picked up my aunt at the airport. She took me to dinner, where our gay, coked-up waiter: offered us dessert literally before we'd taken a bite of our entrées; dropped the check off in the middle of the meal; asked us again if we'd like dessert, after the check had been left; and after we'd paid and were about to go, asked if we'd like any rolls and butter. Well, it provided a chuckle.

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