Thursday, July 12, 2007

I know the bovernor, you gastards

Okay, long day at work, then time at Kinko's (where the guy fucked up my book binding for the class project tomorrow, but nicely offered a 25% discount). Then went out to the Hangout, where I played video golf and trivia with the Friar and Mr. Hangout and Waitress W. Also, talked to MA on the phone. She's back from Mexico. She wanted me to come over, but I didn't feel like it.

Anyway, now no time to write entries of any weight. I have two lined up, though, so hopefully will write something of consequence tomorrow.


daveawayfromhome said...

While I do think that the "truth" about European settlement of America ought to be taught, I'm not sure that elementary school is the place to do it. Seems that at the beginning it's more important to provide a basic framework to hang all that later information on. Columbus, et al, shouldnt be glorified, but I'm not sure that vilifying them will be productive either. At that age, raw (and basic - they came, they saw, they conquered) facts seem most important. Moral judgements should wait until they have the capacity to weigh the ethics themselves.

Good to see you back, by the way.

Chance said...

Whoops, wrong post! I agree with some of yr points re the age of the students, Dave, which is why I did specify elementary. But the problem is, some of the framework that teachers are laying down is not made of raw facts, but raw lies.