Friday, January 30, 2009

Aesop: nothing on me

We had a sing-along at school today in the auditorium. As the fourth-graders filed past my seated K class, I whispered to one of my boys, J: "Don't even think about sticking your foot out and tripping the fourth graders so they topple down the stairs like a big row of dominoes, no matter how funny that would be to see."

J put his fingers to his chin in an exaggerated thinking pose, cocked an eyebrow, and said, "Hmmmm." Then we both laughed and laughed.

Moral: I am childish.


I was informed by one of the parents today that S, a much adored and adorable blue-eyed helpful girl, has apparently taken to making comments to A, her putative BFF, to the effect that she, S, is smarter and cuter, and her daddy has a nicer car and a nicer house, and her parents have more money. I've been in the early education business for a long time now, but it's a first for me to hear a five-year-old make intentionally disparaging remarks about economic status. Espeically since the recipient of the remarks is herself another wealthy person.

Moral: future soriority queens sure start being catty early.


After boasting to my assistant this afternoon about how I never get the various ailments that go around annually, suddenly my joints ache and I have this rough chest cough. I cut a blemish on my face before sanitizing the area first, so I'm guessing I have the MRSA. Oh, how the wages of hubris are condign condemnation! Oh how pride goeth before a fall!

Moral: my immune system doesn't constitute a super power, no matter how much I want it to.

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