Friday, January 23, 2009

Rockin in the free world

Before work we had a faculty meeting in which the Head discussed the budget. Not only is no one fired next year, we're going to get small raises. I think most everyone was impressed and gratified at that; I know I wasn't expecting a raise at all.

In these tight economic times, I seem to be one of the very lucky ones. This is cosmic balance to make up for the fact that most of the rest of my life is appalling.


Courtney, T-Bone's wife, called me on my way home from work to see if I wanted to hang out, but unfortunately I had a busy evening ahead. After work, I took my father his laundry at the rehab place, visited my mother briefly, dropped by the Green Margarita to say hi to Friar and Muffin and their respective families who were eating there, and then went with Hot Waitress T to go see Sonar play a fantastic set. (Actually, T is only a waitress of the weekends now, being also a full-time special-ed teacher, but it's a good name for her anyway.) We chatted with Sonar afterward --- no gorgeous Mrs. Sonar around, however, as she was home being pregnant and sick --- and then we sat through nearly all of the next band's set for some inexplicable reason. It was one of the worst concert experiences I've ever had.

Inspired some actual things the singer said onstage, T and I came up with a short list of Things Very Bad Bands Say From Onstage.
  • Are you guys awake out there?
  • There's lots of room up front, if anyone wants to come and mosh.
  • Are you ready to rock?
  • This is our bassist, Dragon.
  • Where'd everyone go?
  • If this strobe light doesn't get fixed, we don't play.
  • Everybody come on up with us and sing!
  • Hi, we're Staind.

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