Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Test results

Got my test back from Psychology of Education. At least, I was allowed to flip through it, then had to hand it back. The prof keeps tests for a year after class has ended for some stupid reason. What about having it to help me as a study aid? Anyway, it turns out my fears during test day were only partially justified. I got an 85, which, due to the curve or whatever system Mr. S uses, is the lowest possible A-, not a B. Despite my worries about what I forgot to add in, all my written answers were perfect, with full possible points. It was, as I feared, the multiple choice section that bit me on the ass; all of my deducted points came from those 25 questions. There were one or two that I flat didn't know, but most I got wrong because of the poor phrasing of the questions. It's my training in philosophy: I can make a justified argument for any answer choice within reason.

Class, by the way, was the most boring session ever. Mr. S noted, without expounding on them in the slightest, some key points from the text --- it was old hat to me since I'd actually read the chapters, but apparently new to nearly all of my fellow students, busily taking notes and asking questions that showed that they had either read not a page of assignment or remembered none of the information therein. Then the TA read us part of the discipline policy from the middle school where he works. Rather pointless, it seemed to me. I'm paying $50 a pop for this?

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