Monday, May 22, 2006

Wholly stupid

Today I watched Half Baked, the stoner comedy from the wacky mind of Dave Chappelle. On the Risible Scale of Funniness, where ten risibles is Mel Brooks' The Producers and one risible is dropping a Mag-Lite on your foot, I would rate this film as two risibles. If every scene with the painfully, painfully unfunny Jim "Goat Boy" Bruer had been cut, the film might well have rated as high as three risibles.


Went to TriviaBar, where --- due to a long complicated series of phone calls, hysterical recriminations and counter-allegations (none of my part, thank God) --- I met Spooky, who handed me the money she owned Maddening Angel. She said she missed me, and I said I did too, which is mostly true. But she was being as melodramatic and ridiculous as ever, and I'm not sorry to let her be for a while longer at least.

And possibly because Potato did not show up, so we lacked access to his vast starchy warehouse of sports knowledge, our team did not win or take second place for the first time in many weeks.


Andy Land said...

Never a big fan of stoner comedies, save "Harold & Kumar" of course. But I laughed my freakin' head off at the Bob Saget line in "Half Baked."

Chance said...

I'm with you --- Harold and Kumar was hilarious.