Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Movin' on up, maybe

Yesterday, on Brother's advice, I went to schedule a meeting for today with the Head --- just a sort of "how am I doing" mid-semester self-check. His secretary, amazed, said she had just been told by the Head to get me and schedule a meeting for today. Everyone was bemused by the synchronicity of it all.

The Vice-Head told me they wanted to talk to me about next year, decisions we had to make. Given the drawn-out process in which I was hired, this brought up the grim specter of them not renewing my contract for next year. However, she said, in conversation, "You're such a great addition to Prestigious," so I wasn't too worried about it. Of course, I wouldn't be me if I hadn't worried about it just a little, so I did.

Today, I had the big meeting, before classes. First, they said I wouldn't be getting the temporary room placement I mentioned here; they gave that to the young tall hot inexperienced girl. However, they're confident enough in me to renew my contract for next year two months earlier than the "probation period" that had been established. And not on the sub team, either. They're hiring me for next year as a solo kindergarten teacher, with my own room. And, possibly, a part-time assistant. Nice.

I always have friendly and funny chats with both the Head and the Vice-Head. They agree that it's a hard road being new here, especially being one of the few males. The Head told me his wife jokingly accused him of only hiring gorgeous women. And yes, there are quite a few fashion plates here.

Oh, today I subbed for the music teacher. That's a laugh, given my utter ignorance of the mechanics of music and my total absence of musical accomplishment. Still, I gave it a go. I had six kindergarten classes and one pre-K. I went to Prestigious' library and checked out a couple of picture books about music. We started each session with some songs, then I read a rhyming book about an animal band, having the kids pay special attention to the beat and rhythm of the words. Then I flipped through a book about percussion and defined the term. Finally, the kids played with Boomwhackers.

So, next year is set, at least in theory. I personally won't believe it until the contract's signed and in my hot little hands. But I'm more or less satisfied.

Now all I have to worry about is sudden heart failure between now and the end of the next school year. Goddamn old age and timebomb heart disease that goes off just when life's getting tolerable.


Millie said...

Congrats Chance! This is obviously so important to you and your hard work seems to have paid off!

Michael5000 said...

"O.K., kids -- today we're going to learn about the Chapman Stick!"

Congrats on the good job news, bro. Onward and upward.

Churlita said...

So happy to hear about the job. YOu totally deserve it.