Saturday, January 26, 2008

Republicans hate veterans

I don't often rant about politics, because I'm only a dilettante in that area, so many others speak more eloquently than I do on the subject, and I don't have the audience that justifies too many information round-up posts. And also, I can't even so much as think about that sneering lying pile of sleaze Dick Cheney (surely the most nakedly corrupt and hypocritical figure in American politics, ever) without seizing up into an apoplectic fit that prevents me from unclenching my jaw and fists until I have a hot bath and some nice chamomile tea... But every now and then the spirit of impotent, righteous rage moves me.

After manufacturing a war through outright lies to the American people, Bush and his cronies decided that the brave men and women who serve and die and are mutilated in the name of father-issue revenge complexes and oil money for billionaires don't deserve the limited recompense they get. Hypocritical lip service and a sanctimonious "God bless you" is good enough, according to the human scum who call themselves Christians, patriots, and conservatives.

Here's a flash video with a few facts.

An op-ed article on the lack of health care for veterans.

A story about one of many VA hospitals with staff crunches and patient backlogs.

More health care budget cuts.

But then, that's what happens when people who avoid any and all responsibility, let alone the honor and danger of military service, make the decisions for people who do the fighting. Here's an interesting look at who served and who had "other priorities."

George Bush's legacy, a table provided by the Democratic caucus.


Millie said...

I can't say too much in response to your post since I am in the military so I techinically work for the people that you are writing about. Hopefully my silence will get the point across.

I will say that I am quite concerned about the fact that the retirement benefits that we preach to new recruits will probably become smaller and smaller if something doesn't change. Of is too late for me to start over.

NYC Educator said...

I heard a show on NPR about how the military routinely denies continuing health benefits to vets who failed to meet an arbitrary threshold. Many of them then received benefits from the VA, if I recall, but such benefits did not extend to their families.

Some country we're running here. Meanwhile, candidates like Mitt Romney run around assuring potential voters they won't support "socialist" health systems, as in the ones every non-third-world country except us already have.