Saturday, January 09, 2016

Let the new night bring you peace and the promise of tomorrow

Hey, we had dinner with 74 and Zaftig again!  Crab, Cake, and K Jr wanted a playdate with their kids, Nora and D, so LD brought them over, and I drove over there a bit later.  74 cooked fried chicken; he is a quite talented amateur cook.

Later, when the adults were out on their patio with the fire going (despite the fact that it was cold as David's marble balls out there), Zaftig brought up the issue of getting Kraut dating again.  This is an awkward subject but a consummation devoutly to be wished on all fronts, including mine, as it would reassure everyone that he was really All Right and at least somewhat happy.  And I do want Kraut to be happy.

Zaftig said that he is on all the traditional dating sites, but is having a great deal of trouble finding anyone.  This I cannot understand.  Yes, he has three kids and is separated, both of which are probably minuses in the dating world.  But he is tall and well-educated and foreign and well-traveled and makes fairly good money and has a cute accent. Yes, he is also a bit crazy and prone to having no filter, telling others with alacrity about his blurry marital status and stint in a mental hospital.  But surely those impulses can be reined in for dating purposes until his good nature shines through?  And he really does have a good nature.

As LD and I said, if the drama teacher at Prestigius, a King Dork if there ever was one, can get dates, then anyone can.  Of course, I don't think Drama Teacher is particular about looks or weight, and he wants Friends with Benefits arrangements, which Kraut doesn't.

Anyway.  Here's hoping he gets an OK Cupid like or whatever it is.

Around ten, we left, taking Cake and Crab.  K Jr asked to spend the night, and his dad would pick him up in the morning for some Boy Scour religious ceremony.  Cake and Crab are not allowed to spend the night because of an epic meltdown Crab had a few months ago while staying with Nora.  I had to come get her at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  She just wanted to be home.  So now she isn't allowed to no be home at night.

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