Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Early to bed and early to rise

Makes a man healthy, doesn't affect his finances one way or another, and neither does it seem to affect the wisdom at all.

I'm arriving at work at 7:45 in the a.m. these days. And I'm actually arriving on time, sometimes five minutes early. This makes areturn to my normal work habit, which is to arrive promptly. Three years at The Job has deadened that impulse, and instances on my part of being 15 or even 30 minutes late were not unusual last semester.

Now, in part, this was because I was going to school then, and I am not now. And in part it's because The Job is such an unprofessional, risible black hole of incompetence, there was really no incentive to come in on time. When the director comes in at 9:00 or 10:00, doesn't seem to do anything, and leaves early, and the assistant director is ten to thirty minutes late every day, you start not caring about your own schedule. But no matter what the excuse, it's not right. It certainly wouldn't be tolerated at a public school, which is where I'll be next year, so it's good for me to start thinking of myself as a morning person and calling it a night early and getting into work on time and chipper.

I just hope I can keep it up when I start classes again next week. Lord, but it seems like I've been going to school forever.

As to finances, the monstrous debt that the Demonic Ex left me saddled with when she left is now about 25% of what it was, thanks in part to a long-term loan by my cousin (he's ten years younger than I am, and in debt himself quite deeply, but he works in finance and is wealthier than I am, which isn't hard to be; I swallowed my pride and took the loan). I may in fact be debt-free before the end of 2007, which would mark the first time since before I met the Predatory Ex.

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NYC Educator said...

Well, moving to a public school ought to help put a dent in the national debt. You'll certainly get paid more, and you'll be helping kids far more in need of your help.

So you'll deserve more, actually.