Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Scribble, scribble, scribble; another great big notebook

Title: from Duke of Gloucester

Filled in another four pages of Exceptional Children notes tonight. The first part dealt with strategies for communicating with parents of all SES, ethnicities and linguistic backgrounds. (Good information. Summed up in three words? "Don't be prejudiced.") Then there was a guest speaker. She talked mainly about IEPs and ARD reviews: two acronyms that meant nothing to me back in October of 2005, but which now I'm passably familiar with.

Since I already go to every class (as far as I know, I've skipped only one class session, Math Methods in March of 2006, since starting school in September 2005), actually listen, take copious notes, and am not a complete idiot, I've determined that I probably don't need to spend a Benjamin on the textbook. Let Mr. B give me the gist, and then before the exams he can narrow it down to the stuff he'll ask about. There's no need for me to actually read anything else.

Lord, but I've become jaded, but really: if (as, in my snooty academically inclined mindset, I think ought to be the case) he assigned chapters, then lectured about material that built on the material or somehow improved my understanding of said material, then, sure, I'd read the book and attend the lectures. But if, as is the case in this Short Attention Span State School, the lectures are just going to be the Cliff's Notes of the assigned material, then by golly I'll read the textbook, or I'll go to class, but I won't do both. And you can't make me.


I went to State School straight after The Job, which turned out to be a waste. I swung by the bookstore to reassure myself that I didn't need to buy any books. Then I made an appointment with my advisor about my schedule, a meeting which will doubtlessly turn out to be another exercise in banging my head against the wall. I don't need to take Biology, dammit, any more than I needed to take half of these stupid classes. Oh well. nearly over now.

To tell the truth, I'm beginning to get a bit anxious about student teaching. It's a big step, and it starts in eight short months.

I ate dinner at the Pizza Inn express on campus. I'm not used to fast food, and I felt slightly queasy afterwards.

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