Monday, January 22, 2007

It's like we're all kids again! Huzzah!

So, Social Studies Methods. More of the same juvenilia. What did we do? We --- no kidding --- drew pictures of fish, wrote little poems about ourselves, wrote a pretend tourism pamphlet for the state we were born in, thought of activities to do based on specialty days (like Cherry Appreciation Day), made visual organizers for some mini biographies Ms. W2 passed out...

Gosh, I wonder why teachers are often looked down upon as professionals? I find this all so demeaning and useless. So far I stand by my decision not have bought the textbook.


I downloaded Firefox 2.0, and notice that it has a spell-checker built in, so I can notice typos as they happen in email and in blog entries and comments, as well as other web-based forms. Technology sure is impressive these days. Well, cave-man me is impressed, anyway. I seem to be older than everyone I know.

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