Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Out, damn bright spot

Gosh, those last two posts were cynical and arrogant.

Let's always look on the bright side, even in the face of utter global catastrophe. Ah, article's "one bright spot" inset --- you bring a smile to my face even as I despair for the human race.

Today at The Job a parent brought deli sandwiches, potato chips, tea, and pickles for the whole staff. I eschewed the tea --- I've totally dropped caffeine as an incredibly unhealthy and addictive stimulant --- but ate a lot of sandwiches, though I really oughtn't to have had so much bread. I gave a bunch of chips and cold cuts to the kids. We have some pretty generous parents; my Christmas bonus was $250.

I'm pretty sure I meant to discuss something else, but as my memory is now as porous as a sponge and I've been rather long-winded lately, I shall close rather than vainly rack my brains over what it was.

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