Saturday, January 13, 2007

I got nothing to say, especially about whatever was

I've started this new "tagging" of my posts. Seems to be a useful tool for me; sometimes I want to see what I've said on a certain subject before, or done a specific meme, etc. Going back to tag some old posts, I found that many of the comments from when this blog first started have vanished completely. Not that big a deal, I guess --- though I did like them --- but I do wonder why. Perhaps the transfer to Blogger Beta is to blame? Doubtful, because other, not so old comments are still there.

Also rereading, I begin to think that my posting of late hasn't been as sharp or finely forged as some of the entries in the archives, when I really seemed to have been bitten by a bug and needed to get something off my chest. But hey, these things go in cycles.

A cold front has suddenly descended here, and with it heavy rain. It feels like winter at last. The Job sent out an email about being closed due to icy rain and sleet on Monday (no, we are not closed for MLK Day), but that's not going to happen. This is still Texas, after all.

My father, brother and I chipped in to buy my mother a new computer for Christmas. I found an out-of-box (read: used) HP for cheap at one of those chain stores. I was a little chary about it being a return, and chagrined when I found it came with an old-fashioned ball mouse and flat keyboard, but it seems to be running smoothly enough. I installed virus protection and Office, and transferred most of her data to the new machine using a flash drive. Man, to a guy like me who was introduced to the world of computers in the age of five inch floppies (which were literally floppy), these flash drives --- the smallest of which stores the equivalent of thirty of the now equally obsolete 3.5" disks --- are amazing.

So yeah, my four-hour mp3 player is fascinating to me too. Last of the cavemen, that's me. "Tiny metal thing make music?! Thog like!"

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