Wednesday, January 31, 2007

In which I abuse my liver and lungs

For the first time since the birth of little Crafty, Friar was allowed to go out. And --- coincidence rears its ugly head --- I had the next day off. So we went to the Hangout until four in the morning.

It was the final night of the Karaoke competition; lots of pretty good singing, and a couple of girls who made it to the finals with a combination of merely competent pipes and a willingness to show the judges their tits.

We listened to a couple of new unreleased songs by one of the most talented artists in Friar's roster. We had a brainstorming session about the Creative Internet Project. Friar talked to some locally famous magazine people. I talked to a friend who, I discovered, worked on an album by one of my favorite artists (a relative unknown); he said that this guy, whose first album I played so often it burned into my brain, is a total jerk and ripped off his studio musicians. We played a little trivia.

The evening wore on. Nothing of real import happened, but it's nice to get out once in a while anyway.

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