Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hey buddy! You get a load of that nerd?

G is a boy in my class who is obsessed with super heroes. When we did a project in which the kids filled out a page saying "I am special because _________," he finished it with "...I like super heroes so much."

For DEAR time, I'm reading a chapter book to the class. In it, the character is granted a wish and flies. After the reading, we have discussion, and I casually noted that people couldn't fly. G said, "But Superman flies." Without really thinking, I said, "Superman's not real." He looked shocked and crestfallen, and he said bleakly, "What about Batman? Batman came to my birthday party."

Anyway, he's continually coming up to me and asking if I know this or that character. Because I am a huge nerd, I always do: Braniac, Ant-Man, Hawkgirl, etc. But he knows them in slightly altered versions, so he takes issues with my descriptions. He didn't like the way I drew Braniac's head electrodes, and refused to recognize that Ant-Man rides an ant. He said he rode a jet ski. What, is that how it is in the cartoons or something? The network suits think kids don't want to see him riding an ant? He rides a goddam winged ant, kid. I been reading comics since 25 years before you were born.


DJSassafrass said...

Batman came to my birthday party! That's preciously hilarious. Ah, kids!

Michael5000 said...

When he asks you if you know Ant-Man, he probably means, like, do you know him socially. Now the poor messed-up little urchin probably thinks you're dating Hawkgirl.

Chance said...

That's true! I should tell him I know Green Lantern personally.