Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Why would you lie about how much coal you have?

In this post, I mentioned that in order to get the Intertubes, I would be obliged to also pruchase monthly cable service, 300 channels to be exact. I since found out that there are indeed less extravagant packages --- imagine that! a sales lady lying to a potential customer! --- and now have a "mere" 100 or so channels, and no Tivo-like recording device (which I really have no need of whatever). So although it's less than I'd thought, I do have TV now. I have yet to watch a complete show, although when my father was over we watched some interesting stuff about dolphins on National Geographic, and some professional poker on the Travel Channel, which I find riveting for some reason.

In my previous, rather more affluent, neighborhood, aside from a couple of disagreeable curs, almost every dog was a family-friendly lab or setter. Here, the reverse is true: every dog is an angry-sounding watchdog, with more than a couple of pit bulls on the block. So here's hoping Dog doesn't get jumped by a roaming canine spoiling for a fight. In the past, she's thrown herself at much bigger dogs who were menacing her; she'd fight a pit bull without hesitation. She'd lose, but she'd try.

Hot Waitress T texted me to ask if I wanted to go with a couple of friends to a show tonight. I'm so tired these days, and I live quite a lot furhter from the Music Area now. And anyway, she ended her text with the assurance that "it will be off tha chain," and I realized I was probably too old to go out with Hot Waitress T.

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