Tuesday, September 23, 2008

World serves its own needs

Polar bears resort to cannibalism as ice shrinks --- the more we learn about the history of climate change, the more terrified we should be

Sarah Palin wants more drilling, more places --- and she's very likely to become the fucking president

Bailout plan is opposed by some senators who actually take their responsibilities seriously --- we'll see if they have any say in the matter

"Tent cities" of new homeless on the rise --- and this is America in 2008! Hooray!

McCain is very close to becoming our second-most ignorant president ever --- so there'll be more of the economic policies that got us to this point!

For anyone, including conservatives, with a shred of rationality or knowledge of the world, Obama is the clear choice --- and that's why he won't win; the ruck of Americans vote for the party that waves the flag and repeats unfounded insults the most times

Feelin' defeatist again

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