Saturday, August 23, 2008

Face is okay, purse is too tight

Okay so uh I've been paying rent on the new house since about Thursday or so, but the electric company can't give me power until next Wednesday. Worse, the DSL won't be installed until September 13 (because I can't take time off from work to wait four hours during the weekday), and if you think I'm going to move before I have DSL in the new place, you don't know me. Actually, I had a brief sinking feeling when I found out that DSL was not available in my new neighborhood. However, I found that I can get cable internet. This means I will also get television. More specifically, I'll get 300 channels. Since I've lived for the last five years with zero channels, I can't imagine why I would need 300, but there it is. And all this for only four times the cost of regular DSL! Oh, the convenience of the modern era.

Oslo, I bought some new plates and silverware, since my current set of dining ware has undergone steady attrition through my ham-handed clumsiness.

Oslo, I bought a new bed. It cost --- and I'm ashamed to write this --- close to $900, including delivery. Seems a bit steep in retrospect. The last bed I bought, in 2003, cost me a scant three hundred. My aunt, by contrast, thought this new purchase was a remarkably good deal, having spent nearly $2000 on a bed a few years ago; but then she is a far wealthier person than I am.

In all, taking into account (or rather, out of my account) deposits and first month's rent and the aforementioned, I've spent around $2800 before spending so much as a night in the new place. Well, I've been saving money for quite a long time now and avoiding big expenditures, and am rationalizing all these new costs by figuring I should get around to enjoying some nice things before I die with a bank filled with useless unspent dollars (which are generating close to zero interest anyway, thanks to this tanked economy).

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Churlita said...

I bought a $500'ish bed (way on sale) last Summer and it is one of the best investments I've made in a while. I bet yours is worth it too.