Thursday, August 21, 2008

That feelin' goes stealin'

So it's the second day of school and I should post about how I had the kids decorate their bubble-letter names, and do self-portraits with mirrors, and create a graph of eye colors in the class, and write their favorite colors and foods, and how I read Flat Stanley to them.... but I am utterly, totally, soul-stultifyingly, bone-shatteringly, mind-mushingly, tired. So I must pass over the details in exhaustion.

The kids were drawing, and sweet little A, coloring with a blue crayon, called to me as I passed by, "This is Core Lean."

I stopped. "What is what?"

"This color." She held up the blue crayon. "It's Core Lean."

I knew, without taking the crayon and looking at it, that it was Crayola's color Cerulean.

Man, teaching kindergarten is a hoot.

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