Friday, August 08, 2008

Like the wild hyacinth which on the hills is found

So, in anticipation of the Staff Work week starting Monday, a few selected teachers had a big lunch at some Mexican place, paid for by the school. I met most of the assistants and the new teachers. In keeping with the school's apparent hiring standard (as mentioned here), most of them were quite stunning. I'm joshing, of course. They're not deliberately hiring good-looking women. It just works out that way most of the time.

No work was done or discussed; it was purely a social event. It's important at Prestigius that the faculty get along. That's why I'm always on knife-edge.

The art teacher shared a couple of great "kids say..." moments from her past that, even though they didn't happen to me, I liked enough to repeat here. First, she was showing the kids some Modigliani paintings (for example like à gauche) and emphasizing his elongated forms. She asked the kids to point out a few of the features that were elongated, and they mentioned one or two.

"What else can we see that is elongated?" she prompted.

"Your neck, Mrs. K!" one kid cried out happily.

Well, it sort of is.

The second "kids say..." moment was with a kindergarten girl (one of my favorites from Mr. C's room),

Girl: "Are you a famous artist, Mrs. K?"
K: "I'm not famous, but I am an artist."
Girl: "Maybe when you grow up you'll be famous."
K, who is past fifty: "Well, here's hoping it'll happen someday."
Girl: "I guess you'll find out after you die."

That's like a Zen koan, man.


Pop culture ingestion. As mentioned here, I've started watching "Lost" (at Friar's suggestion --- he thinks it's the best TV show ever, but he's, of course, utterly wrong). I'm starting the second season. Ooh! I know! They're on a modern-day version of Fantasy Island where willpower engenders miracles! And Walt's like the a cross between Mr. Roarke and that kid in The Sixth Sense!

Well, maybe not.

Also! I'm finally getting around to reading those Harry Potter books. I hear they were big with the kids a decade ago.


Churlita said...

Hey, it sounds like the odds are good at your school.

I love those "kids say the darndest things" quotes.

Michael5000 said...

"zen koan" = : D