Friday, August 22, 2008

May all these walls we've made in our wasted years and days not stand in our way

Well, it's the third day of school and Friday at Prestigius, which means once again free pizza for the teachers. Except the K team got sandwiches for Miss Busty's birthday.

Oh, have I not mentioned Miss Busty? She's a second-year K teacher at Prestigius. She's a rather... well-proportioned young woman, and not shy about showing a little (officially verboten) cleavage. Last year, the kindergarteners had a tropical island themed party, and T-Bone's daughter, who was in Miss Busty's class, wore a coconut-shell bikini top. Miss Busty cooed over the cuteness of it, and sad she had a coconut-shell bikini at home, too. T's five-year-old daughter said, "I bet your coconuts are bigger than mine, though."

At last year's auction, some teachers offered up for bids their "tuck-in" services (basically just evening baby-sitting, with a bedtime story) for kids in their class. I heard more than one father say, "I'd like to be tucked in by Miss Busty, myself."

And, at that same auction, a mother was overheard saying that the building should have been equipped with a pole for Miss Busty to dance on. Meow!

Okay, enough salacious anecdotes about that particular team member.

So where was I? Oh yeah, pizza. Well, we had sandwiches, so one of my room moms who had come in to hand out the slices to the kids loaded up a big plate for me to take some home, so I wouldn't miss out on that pizzalicious goodness. She was extremely solicitous, asked me if she was in the way and if it was okay to be in the room while her son (the sensitive G, who thought our photos were psychic) was there, and did more than her share to help. Also, her sister is apparently the long-time lover of a famous lesbian. G's pre-K teacher got asked last year to go to a big gay event with the family, but didn't go. Wow! Maybe they'll ask me!

...I may be busy that week.

Anyway, I broke out some profession puzzles today. As the kids did them, I asked them to identify the jobs they showed. One was "politician" and depicted a woman declaiming behind a lectern prinked out with those red white and blue streamers used on the hustings. The woman had a rather round face and black hair puffed out wide. I asked my sweet shy boy D what job that puzzle showed, and he paused just a bit, then ventured, "Oprah?"


Later, went out to see Sonar play his music, along with the Friar and T-Bone's wife Courtney. We played table shuffleboard. I may have drank too much, but I was still the only one remotely sober, so won handily, but everyone else was too drunk to notice. Then I drove home, which may or may not have been a good idea.

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