Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Me and my friends are like the drums on 'Lust For Life'

Today, I went looking with a realtor at houses to lease. My aunt recommended the realtor; he's a childhood friend of Cousin's, and thus exactly ten years my junior. I remember trying to teach my realtor how to play Minesweeper when he was five; he couldn't catch on for some reason. Anyway, yes, I know I've been mentioning that I'm thinking about maybe preparing to decide to possibly look into moving into a bigger house since way back in January. But this time, I may be serious!


Also, later on in the evening, Friar and I hitched a ride in a local band's van --- jouncing along over poor shock absorbers --- to a place where the Greatest Band In Existence was playing. It's my third time seeing Craig Finn and company, and I remain just as blown away as ever. Seriously, this band's got like a religious power over the initiated, of which I joyfully count myself one (see 'H' on this list).

I'd give a run-down of the night, but instead I'll just link to my post on the first show of theirs I saw, here.

Stay positive!

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