Monday, August 11, 2008

When you're sick you need a doctor; it's like the doctor holds a gun

My father went to the doctor today. He was admitted to the hospital for observation. Hopefully some IV antibiotics and some nutrient solution will push him back off the brink.

Also, first day back to work. Staff week, no kids. Breakfast and lunch were generously provided. We had a few meetings, mostly about the new technology --- all the rooms have interactive whiteboards now.

My assistant, C, was formerly one of the substitute teacher team I was on last year. Now she's working part time. And, I discovered, has apparently reverted back to her maiden name. I suppose she got divorced? I didn't ask. Anyway, I'm extremely grateful to have her as an assistant, as she likes to keep busy, like me, and eschews most of the gossip that goes around.

There's around 75 employees at Prestigious. Male employees total: me, the Head, the two custodians, the computer guy, the admissions guy, the drama teacher (gay), the music teacher (gay), a fourth-grade teacher, and a pre-K teacher. Conversation tends to get a bit hennish at times, is all I'm saying.

All the new teachers got MacBooks. I forgot my power cord at school after I took mine home, so it may be utterly drained and ruined by tomorrow? I'm not very responsible with equipment.


Fact: Fruit tastes better at room temperature.

Water is the scarcest and most obligatory resource on earth. Unlike coal and oil and so forth, which are scarce and merely crucial to our civilization, we would die if we didn't have water for just four days. So what do we Americans do with it?

We wash our clothes in clean, pure, potable water, first poisoning the supply with soap and sending it down the drains.

We pour clean, pure, potable water all over grass in the summertime.

We piss into clean, pure, potable water. Then we pour another gallon and a half of clean, pure, potable water over it, because we think that's clean.

We're nuts.

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Churlita said...

We take water for granted here in Iowa because there's so much of it. During the flood though, there was no electricity, and so no water and they were instructing people to get clean receptacles to catch rain water. It seemed like such a simple solution, but some people were too lazy to do it.