Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our generation's Bobby Kennedy

Watching Obama, one of the best orators of recent years, giving the speech at the convention. Very powerful, very stirring, very effective. He's extremely charismatic and says many things very close to what I (and I suspect many others) want to hear.

Too bad the election's rigged by Republican-made voting machines and street-level dirty tricksters, and the American heartland's teeming with racists. (See this excellent Slate piece).


Rebel said...

I just listened to a three minute clip on BBC news and literally burst into tears when he said "Enough!"

All I can say is that if he doesn't win... I might never come back to the US!

Churlita said...

I don't think it's just the heartland. If you'll recall, Obama swept Iowa during the caucuses. I was thrilled at how Iowans responded to him.

However, I have heard many Republicans say that Obama thinks he should be handed the presidency because he's black. What? AS far as I'm concerned, he's been working his ass off.

Chance said...

No slight against Iowa or its adjacent states intended; I was really just using "heartland" as a sort of metaphor for the average red-blooded God-fearin' white American voter.