Saturday, October 25, 2008

If you choose not to decide, you still are a moron

I had the misfortune of overhearing two typical Texans talking about politics. One expressed displeasure with McCain for a reason I didn't catch, and announced his intention to vote independent. The other was a McCain man all the way. Neither of them had any intention of voting for Obama.

"If he wins, as soon as he gets in there, the economy is going to tank, and everyone who voted for him will be responsible." What, it's not tanking now?

"And when he's in there, first thing he does is he's gonna take all our guns." "Yup, that's the first step in tyranny." Note: Not historically true. Also, what has Obama ever said to indicate that he's going to confiscate guns? Did Clinton do it? Did Carter? You people are neurotically scared that someone's going to take away your penises. I mean guns.

"As soon as he gets in, we're gonna get attacked. A big one. And it'll be on him." Yeah, because remember when the Democrat was President and there were all those attacks on U.S. soil? Luckily a Republican came in and then we were safe. Oh wait. And anyway, do they really need to attack us again? They seem to be doing just fine bleeding us dry financially and morally already.

"I mean, he's a socialist. They already bought up all the banks!" They?? THEY?! What, the bail-out is Obama's fault now?

"What's the guy done? He spent four years in the Senate running for President!" So you knew who he was three years ago, then? You must be familiar with his accomplishments.

I didn't say any of those italicized rebuttals. I just paid for my things and left as quickly as I could. Citing facts has never changed any Republican's mind.

I see that polls show that between 8-18% of likely voters are undecided. There are nine days until the election. Anyone who is not decided at this point:

(1) cannot speak English and has no idea what's going on;
(2) does not understand any part of the American political process or its basic principles; or
(3) is a racist, but can't stand McCain.


daveawayfromhome said...

I'll go farther: Anyone who's voting Republican at this point...

1. Isnt paying attention
2. Is congenitally stupid
3. Is ideologically constipated
4. Is deeply delusional
5. Doesnt understand the difference between a conservative and a Robber Baron
6. Is a frightened, frightened, frightened mental child
7. Is an accomplice of the criminal gang we call the "Grand Old Party".
8. Is a terrorist hoping for the destruction of America. Seriously.

Chance said...

Those all sound right.