Monday, October 20, 2008

Senility and zealotry


Yankee in England said...

So I am torn between having a retard and a right wing conservative christian freak in office and the chance to see Tina Fey do impressions for the next four years, I know it is sad that I even take the time to consider it but really the Joe Bidden impersinations are just not as funny.

I think that Grandpa is raising his arm farther than McCain can, was that a bitchy thing to say?

I also don't understand how the woman who stepped up to say that Obama was palin' around with terrorists can a few weeks later try to distance herself from McCain's robocalls informing people that Obama is palin' around with terrorists. Pick your gross mistruth and stick with it.

Chance said...

The arm comment was a bitchy thing to say, but in the current political climate, not actually bitchy enough.

I think the backtracking, although egregious, is merely the least of Palin's bonehead hypocrisies.

Rebel said...

LMAO @ that button.