Friday, October 24, 2008

Waste of time sitting still

At work we had the School Fair immediately after school. It was pretty much chaos the whole day. For math, I had the kids make spiders with legs made out of eight pieces of licorice and a body made from a sugar cookie they slathered with brown frosting. (There was a counting lesson in there, too, but the important thing is that I crammed the kids with sugar.) We had pretzel sticks for snack time, so I dipped those in the chocolate frosting also, because, you know, tasty, and hey, not my kids.

Yesterday, two mothers came in at my request to carve a jack-o-lantern for us. The kids helped scrape out the insides, and squealed with gleeful disgust at the gloppy seeds and pulp they extricated. The kids helped gather the seeds and clean them of pulp strands, and one of the mothers took the seeds home. Today she brought them back all roasted with garlic butter. The kids loved them.

When Miss Busty saw the mothers in my room, she asked with a conspiratorial grin, "What, did you ask for only the hot moms to help?" Because the mothers are both conventionally attractive. I actually had no control over who showed up, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't thankful for the extra perk of the hotness.

I stayed at the Fair for an hour, then left. I joined the Friar and Palfrey (who is scheduled to deliver her second baby on Wednesday), 74 and Zaftig and their two kids, and some friend of theirs, at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was nice. One of the kids from Mr. C's room last year, the one I covered for a month, happened to be there and greeted me, which was very sweet, and I might have been more expansive to her mother had I not been slightly tipsy and eating a spinach burrito at the time.

A series of goofy, semi-inebriated conversational detours from the Obama-supporter-mugger hoax led to 74 and I deciding we need to write a factual, helpful book on how to kill your wife, remain the prime suspect, and keep your cool. Example chapter: "That's Really Deep: 'Self-Defense Wounds' That Look Real."

Then Friar went to go play roadie for R.E.M. Yes, really. I swear that guy has a semi-charmed life.

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