Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Know your place in life is where you want to be

I was reading a book to the kids at work and it had the word "anthem" in it. I explained that an anthem is a country's special song. The kids sing "Star-Spangled Banner" in music class a lot, so are familiar with the word, but only in conjunction with "national." One girl, when she realized the connection, said, "Oh! Like our anthem!" and began to sing, "U.S.A. can you see..."

Also today, I had the kids draw as many things as they could think of that start with the letter B. One girl, H, came up to me with her pictures (I check all their work) and among the usual boy, bear, ball, and so on, there was a large peach-colored oval, flecked with black dots. I asked what it was (though I had already started to suspect, correctly), and H giggled. "It's a belly," she said. I then knew what the black bits were, but I had to ask. "They're hair!" she squealed. "My daddy has a big round hairy belly!"

Coulda been worse.

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