Thursday, October 23, 2008

What is a pretty cool thing?

I'm not supposed to talk about this online, but since this blog is almost utterly anonymous (I rarely even mention what city I live in, for pity's sake), and since only about four people read it, might as well say it.

Remember when I went out to take a test for a well-known TV quiz program? Well, they called me back. I'm going to fly out to California and be on Game Show! pretty soon --- sooner than I'd like, really. It will air later.

That's cool.

I'm excited, but mostly nervous, as I feel unprepared. I know a lot of stuff, but it's all haphazard and random bits here and there, a result of my ADHD-attention span autodidacticism. I'm hugely ignorant of entire categories such as geography and sports and television shows and world leaders and on and on.

Even so, I feel reasonably confident and I think I'm being fairly realistic about it all. I have very little interest in fame and fortune. And as my friend 74 said, I have a job and make okay money. The cash you can win on Game Show! is not life-changing, like it is on some of the other shows like Can You Win a Bajillion Dollars By Being Very Lucky Or Asking a Smart Kid? It's Possible, But Most Likely You Will Walk Away With a Couple Grand. So like I say, winning would be sweet, but all I really want is not to look like a complete moron on TV. Here's hoping!


Michael5000 said...

Major coolness!

...but will you get virtual Stars?

Janet said...

Ok, this is way cool!! Good luck!

daveawayfromhome said...

My wife's cousin was on Game Show (yes, I know which one), and he won a pot full o' money (which irritated my wife, actually). I still remember our (myself and college roommates) hero "Chuck" from Game Show, way (way) back when. Ahh, good times.