Saturday, August 19, 2006


This afternoon an unlikely ennead of folks --- me; 74 and Zaftig and their baby girl; Friar (but no Palfrey); and T-Bone and his wife and their two kids --- got together for lunch at Cheesefries. I think the last time I saw T-Bone was at Flax's pseudo-bachelor party. Cheesefries, one of Friar's favorite greasy spoons (he has deplorable taste), is awful, but I do like these social gatherings. Soon, indeed, we were joined by an enormous roach, waddling its insectoid way across the booth's adjoining wall. Now that's class.

Afterwards, a few of us (okay, the male contingent) went to everyone's favorite Electronics Store Named For Potato Snacks, Fry's. This is a national chain of places the size of airbus hangars, nerd havens described by 74 as "an enticing trap of found bargains thrown in among overpriced crap." I picked up what was hopefully the former, a reassembled CDR drive. Now I can "burn" and "rip" and "steal" mp3's and all the other things the kids are doing nowadays. Hooray!

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