Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin would have been above all this, but I'm no Martin

In honor of MLK and Obama, I'm listening to no music but that by black artists this week. It's my way of saying thanks to all the protestors who got beaten and set on fire in the '60s so Obama could be President today. Well, tomorrow.

Here's hoping that the spirit of MLK can live in all of us this year. And I don't mean just in terms of racial awareness, but the other thing MLK was interested in that for some odd reason the mainstream media never seems to remember, class equality in America. King dreamed of an America where no child --- white, black, red, or green --- would have to live in crippling poverty while others wallowed in luxuries.

And in that spirit, a series of less-than-fond farwells to the man who did more than anyone else in recent memory to destroy that dream, to destroy the Constitution and its freedoms, to destory our spirit of inquisitveness and entrepreneurship, to destroy the free market, to destory art in America, to destroy the middle class, to destroy our peace and prosperity, to destroy the spirit of dissent, decency, and debate. May he continue to fumble his way to iconic laughing-stock status.

Our nation's first catastrophic president.

Eight years of Madoffs.

Up in smoke.

Fantastic job! The insurgency is desperate!

Desperate enough to expand exponentially, that is!

Hey, dumb ass.

So long, dimwit.

And stay the fuck out.

I survived the Bush presidency [and all I got was...]

20 "forgotten" scandals.

Whoops, here's 20 more.

10 reasons history will hang you.

Let's not forget the cronies.

So, again, here's hoping that inauguration day proceeds with full celebration and so nasty surprises; and that the hope and hunger for justice that won Obama the election will turn this country around and make us an honorable, prosperous, peaceful nation again.


Churlita said...

I'm sure you've heard me say this before, but I think a lot of racism is mixed with classism anyway.

Chance said...

Certainly true; there's hardcore racists, and then the mass of people for whom "black" = "poor and slightly disreputable." Thus the phrase "white nigger" for poor and slightly disreputable white people.