Monday, January 26, 2009

Touch me, I'm sick

Damn, seven out of seventeen of my kids are out sick today. That's way more than half, maybe 75% or something. Maybe even a full twentieth! I don't know, math was never my strong suit. Say, you took math --- what time is it?

I've been stretched really thin this year. In addition to our daily routine of teaching, there's the long-term responsibilities (some of which our team shares), including:

-writing the lessons for our social studies teacher
-updating the class website
-making the school calendar
-sending home those irritating scholastic book order forms
-forming leveled reading groups
-sending home leveled readers to each child weekly
-doing running records
-assessing for the parent conferences we have four times a year
-preparing for parent observations

And in addition to that, I've been drafted into:

-doing a lesson for the K and first grade teams on teaching reading strategies
-organizing three full meetings of our book club
-doing whatever the hell it is I do on our Environmental Awareness Committee

Help! I'm not cut out for long-term planning and stuff that requires effort! I'm used to getting by on my quick wit and ability to improvise!


Michael5000 said...

My boss has instructed me to work on a grant application for a project which, if we got the grant, would then be my responsibility. There was no talk of my current responsibilities going away during all this. I worry that this may harsh my vibe.

Chance said...

Exactly! We feel each other's pain.