Thursday, August 08, 2013

As the chromium moon it sets

Work is approaching ever closer.  Can't waste these precious hours moping.  So I went out to meet Friar and his boss/co-worker C at C's fancy country club.  I had some sliders, even though I've been generally avoiding meat and specifically beef for a while now, because the food at C's club is free (for me) and quite good.  The servers are all very nice to use hangers-on and they pour a good Cuba Libre too.

Afterwards we went out to a newish club, the Reel.  It was started by Diamond, our country musician friend, and Owens, our slightly better known rock musician friend.  Owens played with his band, but C, Friar and I stayed outside the whole time, drinking and discussing the weighty question of whether, should one of us be thrust back in time, we could survive in a pre-Greco-Roman civilization long enough to impress anyone with our modern knowledge despite our dearth of practical skills.  Surely this is just the sort of elegant discourse that swelled the salons of ancien Paris.

So tired.

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