Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Could we please be objective?

Second day of Teacher Week at my sixth full year at Prestigius.  Ha ha, remember when I was whining like a little bitch about not being liked here and maybe wunning away all mad?

And now is the time on Sapient Sutler when we introduce the new characters.

Ms. Yule - the other Language Arts teacher.  She is youngish and has big wide eyes.  (And I have mentioned before that "big wide eyes kill me."  But this is purely business.)  So far we have really hit it off well, laughing a lot and being pretty considerate of each others' ideas.  Which is good, because we have to work closely together.

Ms. Sanguine - a math teacher.  An older lady, dignified and rather a Sensitive Plant.  I appear to have offended her already with my irreverent remarks.  It was minor and we patched it up, but I hate having to walk on eggshells and watch my words around adults.  Hopefully she can try to shrug off my nonsense and we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Mr. Todd - the other math teacher.  An older guy, who is not terribly personable and has apparently bothered everyone with his refusal to socialize and his conservative views.

That's the team.  There are a lot of new faces at Prestigius but these are the main characters right now.  It's a team that's had a few bumps in the road; they're all relatively new to the school, and before I got there apparently had some issues with my predecessor, Ms. Short, who has been here longer than I and was rather controlling.

So we're trying to introduce some new themes and units as well as get a nice group cohesion going, which is healthier.  Sadly, though, there is no love lost between Ms. Sanguine and Mr. Todd; that will probably always be a relationship of frosty courtesy.

Say!  Maybe I'll be the one member who can talk freely with all the others!

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