Thursday, August 01, 2013

Stay in one place, someday everything will come our way

So as noted yesterday, I'm in the process of maybe kinda sorta buying the house I've been renting.

A house inspector came today, at my expense.  He was extremely thorough; he stayed about five and a half hours.  I knew there was some wear and tear on this place, since I've been here five years and there haven't been any repairs to speak of.  I knew there was some foundation settling and cracks.  I knew that the bathroom had some grout that needed replacing and some slow leaks that needed attending to.  I knew there were problems with the insulation and some old wiring.

I did not know that there was a colony of carpenter ants in the walls of one corner of the house.

I had no idea that the gas furnace leaked carbon monoxide.  That's pretty important to know.

So we're hoping to get the seller to lower the price in the face of these new facts.  My landlord is technically the seller, but it's a short sale because it's up for foreclosure and his bank is handling the sale, so I'm not entirely sure whose decision this would be.  Apparently the seller, whoever it might be, is within rights to refuse to acknowledge any financial responsibility to fix anything.  But it can't hurt to ask.

And I have to pay for another appraiser, who will be sent by the mortgage company I'm borrowing from.  Apparently if they find the house isn't worth the settled price, they won't leand me the asking price, but only the new lower value.

I hate finances and selling and buying.  Why doesn't someone do something about how ignorant of practical matters and apathetic I am?

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