Sunday, August 04, 2013

With a card up his sleeve, what would he achieve?

Well, it's my mother's birthday week, as noted earlier, and I took her out to dinner twice.  Today we would have gone to her beloved bar trivia outing, but without Potato, my father's old drunk friend, being present (he's off on a drunk), she feared we didn't have a chance of winning.  Neither one of us knows anything about sports.  The Friar was willing to come along, but by that time, she'd decided she was happy not going.

I certainly was.  I only ever go to that trivia event for my mother's sake.  It's long and crowded and uncomfortable, and the endless waiting between rounds is utterly boring.  Also, all the teams cheat on their smart phones these days.  Back in the days before everyone had the world's aggregate of information at their fingertips (literally), my mother used to win trivia contests with monotonous regularity.  Now, not so much, and it's less fun.

So instead Friar and I went to the Hangout for a while, and met up with Sonar (who is now, in addition to being a musician, a part-time real estate agent).  Hard to believe Sonar's kid is in the double-digit age range now.  I remember when he was born, and when he started at Prestigius.   It seems pretty recent to me, heaven help me.  Every year you get older, time flies by faster.

And here's me with nothing to show for all that accumulated time.

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