Saturday, November 24, 2007

Balancing a diamond on a blade of grass

I woke up early, unfortunately, to pick up Aunt at the airport. She's a high school counselor and had the whole week off; she vacationed in New Orleans. At the airport, I saw a Dangerous Young Black Man (tm) coming off her flight wearing jeans around his mid-thighs. He had to waddle around like a baby in a full diaper. Another Dangerous Young Black Man (tm) wore a hat with the price tag falling down in front of his face. I don't understand these newfangled fashions the young are wearing today, consarn it.

Friar picked me up and we drove around for a couple of hours looking at apartments. I'm thinking of celebrating the new job by getting a new nice apartment in January. I found a pretty good one, but I'm just in the considering stage for now.

Talked with my dad about his self-medicating. He told me a lot of things he's been doing, but I honestly can't tell what's true. I do think he's run out of opiates, as he's on that vindictive, bitter phase informed by junkie thinking. Oh, I know all the phases of the jonesing addict all too well.

Maddening Angel called me, but I didn't go out because I wanted to hang out with my parents and keep an eye out on the situation.


Churlita said...

It's so unfair that you have to stay home and watch your parents.

Chance said...

I think so too, but life's rough all over.