Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's nice to be wanted

I was laughing with the first-grade teachers today --- we're a very irreverent and silly bunch sometimes --- and it hit me that I'm really going to miss Brown Elementary and my team. One of them said she wished there could be four first-grade classes with me as the fourth teacher.

Ms. W told me that she was talking to the principal about something and mentioned my name, and he said, "Oh, he's really good. I want to help him find a job." Wow! (But how does he know whether I'm good? Does he eavesdrop from the hall?)

Three of the kids made me cards today. One had written "I love you Mr. C" (they can't spell my last name) and then on the back "Please don't leave Brown!" The gifted girl helped with the spelling. I was really touched. I'll miss the kids, too.


Hefty was reading a book about fish and called me over. He said excitedly, "Look, this fish is called a summa fish!" I looked at the text, and it said "Some fish eat plants." (He'd sounded out the word using short vowels and pronouncing the e.) I corrected him, inwardly rolling my eyes --- some was one of the vocabulary words this week. He looked downcast, as he always does at the slightest of critiques. Later that day he called me over again, the same book in his hand. He pointed and said excitedly, "This fish is called a wat-daw fish!" I read the next line of the text: "What do fish drink?" What and do are also vocabulary words.

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