Saturday, November 17, 2007

My virtue has proven itself unimpeachable

My day started on a sour note when my father felt the need to call me in the morning and berate me about my alleged poor behavior toward Potato's severely (physically and mentally) disabled son several days ago. My father said he was "appalled" at my lack of empathy and that it was "the kind of thing you'd get fired from a job for." This last was playing, of course, on the lengthy uncertain period I had when I didn't know if Prestigious would hire me or not --- hit the weak spots! I don't think I did anything inappropriate toward the poor kid, but I did marvel over how my father seems to have some need to lash out lately. He probably doesn't even consciously know how clever he was in his attack, using the old passive-aggressive "It's not a big deal" routine when I started to react to his allegations. It's win-win all the way when you say someone did something horrible, and then don't allow them to respond, saying it was really nothing, and what are they getting all upset about, anyway?

I come from a very psychologically dysfunctional family. This trifling irritation actually didn't ruin my day or anything, but clearly I needed to vent about it, seeing how much verbiage I just wasted on it.

Anyway so I did go to the cute artist's show in the afternoon, and had a devil of a time finding the damn place. I'm an unused to driving solo to this city's downtown area, and I'm terrible with directions, but I eventually got there. She showed me around her work. She does these sculptures in clay and glass, and they really are fantastic. I praised her work to the skies, saw a little bit of glassblowing (she was assisting), then left. I probably should have said goodbye or something, but she seemed busy and I was getting antsy.

I went to the dollar store to get kiddie treasures (colored pencils, stickers, etc) for going-away packages for the Ms. L's kids which I'll distribute on Tuesday.

In the evening, I went to Auric's solo acoustic show with Friar and Mr. Hangout (who was bored, and left, saying he'd had enough of Auric's music yesterday). We ran into Gunner there as well, of course --- she's a superfan. I also was accosted by two teachers from Brown, both of whom were quite drunk. One of them, the sixth-grade teacher, is as utterly in love with Auric as Gunner is. So after the show I introduced them to the great one himself. He's always ready for a picture and a handshake with fans, so I didn't actually do anything for them other than perhaps give them a bit more facetime and a more sincere smile from Auric, but they were gushingly grateful to me anyway.

I went home early; the Hangout was noisy and crowded.


Churlita said...

So, did you get a vibe from the art girl?

Chance said...

If anything, a sort of nervous, glad-you-came vibe, but nothing akin to the late-night, buzzed flirtiness of before.

I'm a chump, sort of.

Michael5000 said...

Aw. Ya shoulda said goodbye or soemthing.

But who knows. Maybe she's just exploring the power of flirt marketing.