Sunday, July 15, 2007

As close to NASCAR as I'd like to get

So, the Friar and Sonar and I went off to Big Dumb Outside Arena, where Auric's band was playing, along with a lot of other minor and middling bands. And a certain mega-famous electric blues trio from Texas.

Man, their fans sure are... of a certain type, shall we say. We saw a whole passel of shirtless guys. Lots of cowboy hats. Lots of leather jackets. Lots of sleeveless shirts. Lots of Texas and American flag motifs. Lots of tattoos. Lots of Confederate flags (like Auric said, why don't they just carry big banners around reading "I like lynchin' the coloreds"?). Lots of halter tops and short shorts. Lots of beards. Lots of missing teeth. Lots and lots and lots of beer. Lots of tough-looking grown men acting like chumps.

I was glad I got in free. (The high end seats went for $75).

The three of us weren't exactly blending in. I'd worn a T-shirt with American Indian design on it (ethos-wise, pretty much diametrically opposed to that of the audience), Sonar was wearing a sort of beatnik ensemble, and Friar was in his usual preppy uniform: shorts, flip-flops, and a bright pink polo shirt. It's safe to say that he was the only male, of the thousands in attendance, wearing pink. Hell, he was probably the only male wearing a shirt with a collar.

Anyway, so we listened to Auric's band, which is one of my favorites, though it is a bit old hat to me by now. Then we hung backstage, and the band passed around some of the sticky and we joked around. A guy who has hung out with [a member of ZZ Top] told a very funny story involving [said musician], a bad part of town, and a briefcase with some very odd contents (nothing illegal or immoral, just odd).

Auric told me that David Bowie is one of his (distant) neighbors. Man, sure beats my living situation, dunnit? Cripes, soy un perdidor. Auric also told a story about Sylvester Stallone's on-set behavior that he'd heard from one of his friends in the film industry, but it's an old saw, so I won't even allude to it.

Oh, and the Maddening Angel was there! She went independently, with some other friends. She joined us briefly where we were sitting, kissed me hello and promptly started talking very loudly about"all the awesome rednecks." Silly women, not realizing that when they start talking shit, it's the men next to them who get thumped for it.

No less than two fistfights broke out in the crowd the short time we were there. One of the fights was between two women, I believe.

So, uh... Watched a bit of the main act, though I found them mostly boring (though I certainly enjoy their studio hits on occasion).

After the show (and the requisite screaming "woo!" in the parking lot), we repaired to the Hangout along with Auric and Drummer and played video games. Waitress W was there; she's seeming very friendly to me these days. If I weren't so self-loathing and imbued with a sense of my own physical ridiculousness, I might try to start up a spark there...

What else? Oh, Tall and Skullfuck were there. I tossed a barb at the latter, as is my wont, and some random guy leaped to the comedian's defense, saying I looked like a prick. (W leaped to my defense in return, which was nice.) It turns out this random guy is a sought-after session bassist who has worked with Fiona Apple and others. Boy, I meet a lot of musicians.

Speaking of musicians, Sonar was very excited that he'd been tapped to produce Auric's next record. That's nice for him; I'm glad to see anything good happen in his career.

Most memorable day ever.

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