Friday, July 27, 2007

My strings have snapped

I baby-sat two of mes anciens élèves today. I was there less than six hours, but kindly grandmother gave me eighty bucks. Not bad.

I hurt my neck somehow last night. Not through any exertion (I've been working out for so many years now that I'd need to do something really stupid to incur injury to muscles while doing anything strenuous), but rather, I suspect, from lack of movement. Yesterday, I just sat around --- indolent wretch --- watching movies and surfing the web, and my chair isn't exactly ergonomic. So I went to bed with a minor twinge and awoke with a neck so stiff I now can't turn my head from side to side.

This is just following a bout of possible bursitis in my left arm, brought on by the repetitive stress of minor motions (I strongly suspect at the keyboard). That took a month to vanish completely, and now here's another thing gone wrong with my physiology.

It sucks getting old.

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