Thursday, July 19, 2007

No More Skool!

Last day of real classes. Well, strictly speaking that's not true. But the long, strange trip begun with this post is for practical purposes over. Children's Literature met for a final exam (which I did in ten minutes, tops), and that was it. The next "class" I'll take is Student Teaching --- a sort of apprenticeship in a public school classroom alongside an experienced teacher. There's a meeting on August 18 that will inform me of the grade and district I'll be "working" at.

Getting nervous and excited about it.

I went home early and rearranged my house (I put the TV furniture in the reading room, and my big drawing table what used to be the TV room, which is much more open and spacious and illuminated). Then I repainted the front door. No particular reason, although both changes improved the place a bit --- just because idle hands are the devil's playground, I guess.

I watched the first two episodes of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy," the adaptation of the John le Carré novel starring Alec Guinness. A bit abstruse for the casual viewer (no introduction of characters, the dialogue often meandering and disjointed, a lot going unstated). A very well made production that requires careful attention.

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