Sunday, July 23, 2006

Dubya Dubya Three

The scary thing about far-out Christian right-wingers like Newt Gingrich John Gibson, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck calling the Israel-Lebanon conflict "the start of World War Three" isn't even that they might be right. It's that these people want it to be WWIII, because they think that presages the Rapture!

They are looking forward to the end of the world, and actually hoping it will come about!

It's not only these loonies.

These are people in positions of political or propagandistic power!

Holy shit!


At the TriviaBar, Waitresses W and T thought it would be hilarious to decorate my cider with a paper umbrella, Maraschino cherry, and some frou-frou paper ruff. (They were mocking my distaste for beer.) Well, it was kind of funny. But seriously, since when is hard cider a woman's drink? And since when did beer become a "manly" drink? I mean, I understand whiskey has a reputation as a rough, hard to swallow drink. But beer? It's not like it's difficult to take or strong. It's basically watery bread. It's not that beer is too brutal for me; I find it vile. If I want a hard drink, I choose rum or vodka. And if it's unmanly not to like beer, does that mean that girls who like beer are butch?


NYC Educator said...

Love that headline.

Somehow, they see perpetual war as perpetual GOP power, and they care about that much more than the religion stuff.

I don't really see why they need the war, though, when they've already got the voting machines.

elementaryhistoryteacher said...

I agree that it does seem that many (not just the ones you mentioned) are falling all over themselves to show that prophetic statements in Daniel, Ezekiel, and Revelation are coming true. My hubby and I have been noticing how news of Iraq has all but disappeared and everyone is absolutely gleeful reporting the next update from Israel.