Friday, July 21, 2006

Now it's REALLY over

...The summer semester, that is. The assignment --- an 8-11 page paper on comprehension strategies, was due in electronic format at 9:0 p.m. today. I began at 5:00 and, I'd say, worked on it for a total of two hours, zapping my completed nine-pager in at 8:30 p.m.

No, I'm not taking it all that seriously (though I'm certain I'll get an A), and that may seem arrogant or spoiled --- I am enrolled in school for a reason, after all --- but there's simply no other way to deal with the mind-numbingness of this program in general and this class specifically.

Hot Readhead from our group e-mailed me her paper and, with the cheery, assumptive expectation typical of the hot chick used to watching guys fall over themselves to please her, asked if I would read and edit it. Naturally, I did what she asked and sent it back within the half hour with the comment, "Never let it be said I didn't hop to it when a pretty girl asked me to do something."

Maddening Angel called me --- as did, out of the blue, my former co-worker Joy, whom I believe I last saw at her daughter's party back in January. However, I missed both calls.

Taking days off makes you spoiled. I'm groaning inwardly at having to actually go to work tomorrow.

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